Avoid These Medications Used In Lice Treatment Regimes


Over-the-counter medications are purported to help control a lice infestation before seeing a doctor or dermatologist. You can purchase medications at a drug store or pharmacy.

Pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide form the basis of many lice treatment medications. When combined, both are said help effectively kill live lice; this medication can’t, however, kill nits or unhatched eggs. This medication is approved for use on children 2 years and up.

Prescription Medications

Some head lice infestations allegedly require stronger medication. The following medication is approved by the FDA and is considered ‘safe to use’ for treating head lice.

Malathion lotion (0.5 percent). This lotion effectively kills live lice, and does kill some lice eggs, but not all. A second treatment is recommended after about 7 days following the initial treatment cycle. Malathion lotion is a skin irritant and is flammable and shouldn’t be used within the vicinity of any heat sources.

As you can see, the following medications have purported uses, but are likely harmful to people using them to briefly relieve their head lice infestation.

Many of these ‘active ingredients’ are actually considered unsafe and aren’t recommended for lice treatment at all, despite the insistence that they do work.

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