How to Do Self Pack International Removals in Save and Easy Way

When doing overseas shipment, people usually will ask or let the shipping company to pack and wrap their goods. However, there are several people that prefer to pack their own goods alone.

They are commonly afraid that something bad might happen to the package. In doing self pack international removals, you must consider several things.

Therefore, here we provide you some guides in doing easy and save Self Pack International Removals.

Self pack shipping

Consider the Packing Materials

The most important thing for success Self Pack International Removals is the packing materials. Do you need to consider first what kind of packing materials that you need?

Do you need the sturdy box, lighter box, or smaller box?

When packing fragile stuff, such as electronics, mirrors, glass, etc, it is better to use the sturdy boxes. It is because your packages will be stacked with other packages. The strong boxes will prevent your package broken or damage.

Avoid making your own or d.i.y boxes without advice from the professional. Do not forget to bubble wrap to keep your goods secured.

Try the regular Self Pack International Removals

If you want to pack your own package, try to learn first the basic self-packing!

1. Prevent using the heavy boxes

The heavy box will make your package move harder. Therefore, use the boxes which are less than 50 pounds. If your goods are heavy, you must put it in lighter boxes. On the other hand, for the lighter stuff, you can use the larger box.

2. Pack your goods well

In doing Self Pack International Removals, you need to make sure that you pack and wrap it perfectly, so your package will not be broken. Use bubble sturdy box and bubble wrap to keep it from damage while moving to its destination. Before wrapping the package, you also need to make sure there is no extra space in the box, so your goods will not range while moving.

3. Put the label

The last thing that needs to be remembered is the label. Make sure you already put the label before shipping it to the shipping company. Check it first that the addressed in the label in right to the destination.

Consider your Stuff Materials

Every package that has different material needs to be packaged differently. You cannot pack it with same packing materials. Here we provide you several tips and trick when packing your stuff.

Pictures, Paintings, Mirrors

For this material, separate this stuff from others, and put it into a box. It would be better if you pack it using cartoon first before place it into the box. To make it more secure, wrap it with bubble wraps.

Electronic Items

Electronics needs to be packed carefully. Use the original box when packing for this item. You can buy it at the electronic store if you do not have the original box at home. Don’t you ever try to pack it alone without the original box! It will damage the stuff inside while your package shipping.

Glass stuff Items

Glass can be easily broken, that is why you need pack this kind of item well. Use the bubble wrap and strong box while packing. Do not forget to give “FRAGILE” sticker before shipping process.